Green Initiative

251 Dekalb proudly announces its 100% Green Initiative, where all electricity is powered by renewable Wind Power, eliminating the use of polluting Carbon fuels.

In addition to our commitment to Green Wind Power, we’ve implemented various sustainable initiatives, including:

1. All common interior and exterior lighting is powered by energy-efficient LED technology, resulting in a reduction of consumption by up to 90%.

2. Each apartment is equipped with water-saving toilets, shower heads, and faucets to conserve water resources.

3. We actively participate in recycling efforts by sorting materials at the transfer station.

4. To promote eco-friendly transportation, 251 Dekalb now boasts four new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

At Lindy Communities, we hold promoting sustainable environments as one of our core values, and we invite you to be a part of our commitment to a greener future. View our apartment floor plans and schedule a tour at 251 Dekalb today to experience these eco-conscious features firsthand!